Ludo- Movie Review | (A 2020 Release, Bollywood Film) |

| (A 2020 Release, Bollywood Film) |

 Ludo- Movie  Review | (A 2020 Release, Bollywood Film) |


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 Director- Anurag Basu

I want to start with a word of the movie.  In fact, it is not known which is sin , which is pious till the last moment of our life.  Life is a ludo court.  Everyone here is a player.  Who actually won the game of four sixes?  The father who sees his daughter calling another person ‘father’ but does not force his daughter into his lap?  Or the little child who goes to the busy parents to make himself important to the unknown.  Exactly like two sixes and five fell in the hands of the man who handed over his daughter to others.

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Ludo also tells the story of two young women who were swept away by the waves of youth.  Seeing their relationship, I felt one thing.  Everyone actually wants a settlement, but at the end of the day, they fall in love with a chaotic puppet artist.  Knowing the unintended future, I do not have the answer as to why this love.  I can see that love peeks inside a woman who has passed her youth.  Or greed for money makes a innocent people so bad.  The movie is made with red, blue, green, yellow and many more colors and many lives.

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It’s not that Ludo’s story is very moving.  The last obstacle of  Ludo is that it is a commercial movie.  There was humor, there was drama, there was love, there was separation.  All in all, it can be said fairly.  However, Ludo may not be on the list of favorite movies.  Some more contemporary movies have been made.  Among them, Ludo did not get any speciality.  But Ludo’s editing and post-production was excellent.

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In the past, a story was also stirred up, perhaps because of movie editing.  I realized the importance of post-production of a movie by watching Ludo.  And I personally don’t like Abhishek Bachchan.  However, this movie has undoubtedly got his acting speciality.  And I have to write the name of the Rajkummar Rao any  movie in which he acted.  As always, this actor has taken his character to a special place.

All in all, with a cup of tea in hand, I didn’t think it would worthy watching Ludo.  Rather, Ludo should be seen to divert attention from work.