Kareena Kapoor Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Kareena Kapoor | criticalmind24.com
Kareena Kapoor

Biruskar’s daughter may have pulled the light of Taimur! But, pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan is reluctant to give her share of light to anyone else so easily.

The world of social media was abuzz with pictures of Anushka Baby Bump. However, Karina explained that she is not inferior in any part. On Monday, she published a picture of her full pregnancy on social media. Seeing this, netizens have agreed in one word, ‘Karina is the most‘ stylish ’and‘ cool ’mother in the country.

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Kareena posed for a pink yoga dress. She is sitting on the ground with his legs folded. Eyes closed. Light touch of both hands on the abdomen. In front of the camera, she has matched the maternal obesity and various physical changes with confidence.

Kareena Kapoor | criticalmind24.com
Kareena Kapoor | criticalmind24.com
Kareena Kapoor’s Baby Bump Pictures

Kareena has been keeping an eye on fashion since the beginning of her second childbearing. However, she has become much more courageous in giving pictures of her full pregnancy. While other star moms try to hide the physical changes in loose clothing or covered clothing, Kareena has appeared in front of the camera in a dress that can bring out the changes in the body.

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Kareena has given several pictures on social media. Another picture shows him exercising. I am not always a fan of yoga. A little yoga and a little peace, she wrote in the description of the photo given on Instagram.

Another photo description reads ‘I pulled myself to the limit’. As can be seen in the picture, the actress has matched one hand and one leg with her knees on the ground.

This picture of Kareena’s baby bump display went viral as soon as it was shared through the society. In a few hours, about seven lakh likes have been reached.