Kamal Haasan : Kamal Haasan’s Tamil film ‘Vikram’ is about to break all box office records

Rabi Chowdhuri | Jul 5 , 2022 |

Kamal Haasan : Kamal Haasan's Tamil film 'Vikram' is about to break all box office records
Kamal Haasan : Kamal Haasan's Tamil film 'Vikram' is about to break all box office records

‘Vikram’ Movie Review: The box office is buzzing with Lokesh Kanagaraj’s ‘Vikram’. The mystery and action film was released in theaters on June 3, 2022. In just one month, this film has broken one old record after another.

Apart from Kamal Hasan, the film also stars Vijay Setupati, Fahad Fasil and Suriya. Surya is seen as a guest at the end of this photo. The viewers’ idea is that ‘Vikram’ will not stop here. Let’s move on to the sequel. Because, ‘Bikram’ is actually a ‘Spiritual Sequel’ of a 1986 film of the same name starring Kamal. There too, the character played by Kamal was that of Arun Kumar Vikram, the agent commander of RAW. The character that Kamal has brought back in 2022. Who can say that ‘Vikram franchise’ will not happen after this?

‘Vikram’ Movie Review

Vikram starts with some intriguing scenes. A truck is missing. A young man named Prapanchan (Kalidas Jayaram) was seen hiding a bag of drugs on his shoulder in a warehouse. The next few minutes show Karnan (Kamal Hassan) drinking and dancing. The story then goes on to show a series of murders. Later a group of masked men killed him. Enter me (Fahad Fasil) to investigate the murder of Karnan, the father of the martyred policeman.

Why was Prapanchan killed? Killed Karan? Who are the masked men? The answers to these questions are involved, and have been combined with several twists and turns to bring out a three-hour action thriller by Lokesh Kanagaraj. All the top stars including Fahad Fasil and Vijay Setupati have presented thrilling performances. Although Lokesh occasionally borrows a few moments from his own Kaithi, the surprises and action keep the audience hooked.

For Kamal who has brought several blockbusters in his long movie career, Vikram is definitely one of his best where he has given place to every other actor in the narrative. If 1986’s Vikram is the story of an off-duty spy, the present brings interesting technology and blends in with Lokesh’s own fanboy moments.

Vikram is full of thrilling moments from the first minute. With technical excellence and great casting, the first half is an interesting watch, while the description and a few long rents in the second half make you tired.

The first half is dominated by Amar and his team who investigate the murder and go after the masked killers. Fahad is awesome in my character. Bright as the bridge’s twilight, the drug lord that only wants his two trucks back. Sometimes, Lokesh tells us that this character is like the drug lord Pablo Escobar. But we are often reminded of Setupati’s own character Bhabani in master films.

Another interesting moment to watch Surya’s cameo. In the climax, Lokesh also teases a sequel.

With Kamal returning to the silver screen four years after his Vishwaroopam 2, Vikram raised expectations among the box office and the audience. For fans of Kamal, it is an action-packed thriller, where their powerful hero takes on the drug mafia. For the audience, it is a highly entertaining watch with a combination of leading stars.