Jaya Ahsan Joins Commonwealth’s ‘No More’ Campaign To Protest Domestic Violence

Jaya Ahsan Joins Commonwealth's 'No More' Campaign To Protest Domestic Violence
aya Ahsan, Image Credit: Instagram

Popular actress Jaya Ahsan joins a week-long special campaign of the Commonwealth “No More!”  Jaya opened her mouth against the age-old domestic violence on the Commonwealth platform.  Many internationally acclaimed stars have joined the protest.  There, Jaya Ahsan joined the “No More” campaign.

She said “It simply came to our notice. There may be beatings, sexual harassment, domestic violence.  Girls of different ages have been silently enduring this for eternity.  To date, no one has protested the events!  No one even tried to stop the oppression.  On the contrary, they told it is a personal matter.  Why talk about this outside?  It’s time to say ‘No More’ ”

Fifty four member countries are involved in this week-long special campaign of the Commonwealth.  Jaya is proud to represent Bangladesh on that stage.  She said that in the corner of the house, a woman was dying due to torture and injustice.  This disgusting event has spread like a plague all over the world.  Society did not open its mouth against it.  The girls were not given any security.

The actress raised the question, everyone is terrified about Kovid-19.  Isn’t it horrible that so many women are losing their lives due to the unspeakable atrocities that happen every day?  To remove such a stigmatized chapter from the world, from women’s lives, she called, “Let oppression go.  Let love come.  Let women also dream of a healthy, fearless life. ”

According to Jaya, the only thing that should be heard in the society is ‘No More’.  Only then will  respect return to women’s lives.