Jahnvi Kapoor Starrer Good Luck Jerry’s Shooting Halted By Farmers

Jahnvi Kapoor Starrer Good Luck Jerry's Shooting Halted By Farmers
Jahnvi Kapoo

During the shooting of the film on Bhupinder Road in Patiala city of Punjab last Saturday, a group of protesting farmers went there and demanded to stop the shooting. The team members talked to them and tried to explain everything, but in the end there was no solution. You have to stop working and come back to the hotel.

Leaving the spot and returning to the hotel, the problem was not solved. After that, the protesting farmers came in front of the hotel and started chanting slogans. When the police came and assured them that the shooting would stop, they stopped. Farmers complained that none of them from the film industry spoke in support. They said they would not allow any shooting in Punjab until the new agricultural law is lifted.

But this is not the first time. On January 11, a group of farmers staged a protest during the shooting in Bosi Pathan town. They wanted to know the opinion of the film’s heroine Jahnavi about their protest against the new agricultural law. When the photo team promised to stay by the side of the protesting farmers, they left.

After this, Jahnavi shared a story on Instagram expressing his views in support of the farmers.