‘I’m not ashamed’, Raima Sen opened mouth about her half-naked picture

Photo Credit: Tathagata Ghosh, Image From Instagram

There is no clothing on the upper part of the body. Blue jeans below. The front part of the body is covered with a loose cloth. The open hair fell down his shoulders. Actress Raima Sen’s latest few images are full of ups and downs with netizens’ comments. Raima spoke directly about that topic.

Suchitra Sen’s granddaughter has become ‘enchanting’ to the fans after posting pictures on the net. However, a few netizens did not stop making jokes. ‘If you want to show the body, show everything’, ‘They didn’t let it stay well’ — various kinds of comments have also surfaced in the comment box.

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Photographer Tathagata Ghosh took pictures on the roof of the actress’ house on May 15. In an interview, Raima said, “I have no problem taking pictures that hurt people’s sense of decency. Because I’m not ashamed of it. ” She said that she has taken pictures of much more open clothes than this. It’s nothing to him.

She recently worked on the series ‘The Last Hour’ for Amazon Prime Video. She will also be seen in Anushka Sharma-produced film ‘Mai’.

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