Hundreds of bees are circling Angelina Jolie’s body, watch the video

Angelina Jolie, Collected Image

The upper part of the body can be seen. Hundreds of bees are sitting there. Slowly they are coming up in the chest, throat and mouth. Angelina Jolie is still cool. She has a familiar smile on her face. But why such an adventurous photoshoot?

Thursday, May 20 was World Bee Day. The Hollywood star did one of the most challenging photoshoots of her life that day. Multiple live bees are circling his body. But there is no trace of annoyance or fear in Angelina’s face as she stands in front of the camera. The Oscar-winning Hollywood star stood still in this way for 18 minutes straight.

She chose this path to explain the importance of bees on World Bee Day. The photoshoot was done in collaboration with National Geographic. World Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20 in honor of Anton Janser, one of the pioneers of bee conservation. That’s why Jolie wanted to convey the message of bee conservation through photoshoots. Inspired by Richard Avedon’s famous portrait ‘The Bee Keeper’, she did this shooting. Dan Winters, a famous photographer and beekeeper, shot the video.

In the caption of the photo, the photographer explains how he did this shoot. He said his friend Conrad Buffard, a beekeeper, was brought in to help. Italian bees were used for the shooting. Those were quiet during the whole shooting. Every member of the studio except Angelina wore a defensive suit. The studio had to be kept fairly dark to keep the bees quiet.