Hasin Jahan Viral Video: Clear underwear! Hasin Jahan is viral on social media in no time.

Shatdru Sinha | Kolkata | September 12, 2022. |

Hasin Jahan's Viral Video | Image Source: Hasin Jahan's Instagram |
Hasin Jahan's Viral Video | Image Source: Hasin Jahan's Instagram |

Hasin Jahan Viral Video: Superhot Hasin Jahan in a short skirt on the beach, while dancing to the rhythm of ‘Senorita’, the problem happened! Hasin became the victim of a clothing controversy. Social media sensation Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian cricket team star Mohammad Shami. The relationship between the two was not less turbulent, even the matter went to the court. But the two have not been legally separated so far. Hasin is very active on Instagram. She does not hesitate to show herself in a brave avatar.

‘My Life-My Rule’ – Hasin wants to live life on his own terms. Shami’s wife recently posted a video of herself on Instagram. While dressing up as a mermaid in the salt water of the sea, she fell into the face of clothing controversy.

Hasin was seen running on the beach wearing a red short skirt and a white full-sleeved T-shirt. Hasin also danced with the children of the family. The song ‘Senorita’ is playing in the background. However, the video is a bit of a problem! Hasin showed her underwear while splashing in the sea water. The video went viral.

Incidentally, Hasin Jahan’s debut film ‘Reality Show’ was released a few months ago. Hasin shared the screen with legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee in this film. The release of the film was delayed due to Corona, finally this film was released in August.

A model by profession, Hasin has worked as a cheerleader in the IPL. Hasin has also been associated with several advertising campaigns. Shami’s conversation with Kolkata’s daughter Hasin is on the sidelines of IPL. They got married on June 6, 2014 after dating. The two also have a daughter. They started having trouble since 2018. She accused murder and rape against Shamir’s family members! She claimed that the Indian star pacer was involved in an extramarital affair.