Ankita Lokhande Is Sitting On The Lap Of Boyfriend Vicky Jain | The Netizens Are Condemning


At the end of the year, Ankita Lokhande posted an old picture. The actress is sitting on the lap of boyfriend Vicky Jain. Sushanta lovers can’t accept Ankita if she is close to someone else. Evidence of this was again found under this photo.

He posted two pictures. The first is painted on Vicky’s lap. Ankita is wearing a red floral top. Short denim at the bottom. Sunglasses on the eyes. In the next picture, the couple is sitting side by side on a bench. Ankita-Vicky is wearing matching white shirt and black pants. With the caption, ‘We are family. Who wants to go back? Raise your hand! Goa! ‘

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Sushant’s fans have not been able to see Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita with anyone else since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. But in fact, four years ago, their relationship broke down. Before his death, Sushant was in love with actress Rhea Chakraborty. After his untimely death, Ankita Lokhande opened her mouth on various issues. Whether it is about the investigation process, whether it is about Sushant’s likes and dislikes, whether it is about his family. Sushant’s fans can’t take any pleasure in photos since then.

This time, the netizens are also angry to take pictures with their current boyfriend. They did not even hesitate to assassinate her. Someone wrote, ‘Enough is enough.’ Someone wrote, ‘I hate you.’ Someone claimed that Ankita must have forgotten Sushant. Someone blatantly wrote, “Shameless drama queen, opportunist.”

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