American Beauty (1999) | Movie Review

 American Beauty (1999) | Movie Review

Anika Chowdhury Prionti | 14 OCT 2020

Movie- American Beauty

Director- Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes portrays the American family in this movie.  So before watching the movie, you have to keep American culture in mind.  Otherwise there may be a lot of negative comments about the movie.

When a person’s life suddenly falls from a rhythm, it is not just the person around him who changes.  Everything around is twisted and twisted.  Adolescence is a time that is like a ripple in human life.  It is not clear where he or she will go.  This movie shows three teenagers to whom the world is very colorful.

But when a responsible adult person floats in the waves of adolescence to get rid of the monotonous life, the consequences are not very good.  That is what the director has shown.

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Burnham is overwhelmed with thoughts of his daughter’s friend.  Meanwhile, there is worldly unrest.  But the girl does not want to see her father like this.  And love chooses for its own peace of mind.  The boyfriend is a drug addict.  However, Jane thinks that a drug addict is better than a mother who can go to bed for her career.  But at the very end, the outcome of the movie was shocking.

The movie is made with full family drama.  Seeing the movie, it seemed like a proverb – think and act, don’t think after act.

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