Aindrila Sharma in ventilation! Actress Aindrila Sharma was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15.

Aindrila in ventilation! Actress Aindrila Sharma was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15.
Actress Aindrila Sharma

Actress Aindrila Sharma is on ventilation after suffering a sudden stroke on Wednesday evening. Aindrila has come back after battling terminal cancer twice. Aindrila returned to a normal rhythm after a long illness. But suddenly the rhythm fell again. Since yesterday, social media has been abuzz with wishes for Aindrila’s speedy recovery. From her teammates to her fans, one prayer is that she fights and wins again like the last two times. Aindrila has become quite popular even in this short career.

Aindrila, a girl from Baharampur, was born in an upper-middle-class family. Actress’s mother Shikha Sharma is in charge of the nursing hostel. Her father Uttam Sharma is a doctor at Panchgram hospital in Murshidabad. She was good at dancing since her childhood and also had a hobby of recitation. In 2015, at the age of 15, he found out that she was diagnosed with cancer. He also got admission to a reputed engineering college in Calcutta but could not complete her studies due to physical reasons. But she wanted to be an actress since childhood. So the struggle to become an actress started after enduring the pain of a terminal illness. The year is 2017. She made her debut on television through the serial Jhumur. Sabyasachi Chowdhury was opposite him in this series. From there their friendship, and after that friendship the relationship.

After the end of the ‘Jhumur’ serial, she was seen in ‘Jion Kathi’ serial. Due to this series, she got huge popularity. Right after that, she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. But, the actress said she will come back again. Aindrila kept talking. She was recently seen in Click’s ‘Bhaagad’ web series. Sabyasachi Chowdhury played the central role in this series.

Recently, the actress wrote a sweet message on Sabyasachi’s birthday. But suddenly everything went wrong. Prayer of all – get well again Aindrila.