Actress Raima Sen’s new hot pictures

Raima Sen- Image from Instagram

Actress Raima Sen’s new picture has already been liked by 75,000 netizens. The tide of comments are on Instagram. As it turns out, Raima is back from the side of the camera. There is no clothing on the upper part of the body. Blue jeans below. The front part of the body is covered with a loose cloth. The open hair fell down his shoulders.

Raima Sen , Instagram Image.

Most fans are fascinated by Raima’s pictures. According to one commenter, Raima looks like a ‘mermaid of the Bay of Bengal’. The comment box is full of fire and love symbols. But many people can’t stop themselves from making obscene comments on women’s open films. They also came in this film. Someone wrote, ‘Why cover nature’s creation? If you want to show the body, show everything. Someone wrote, ‘They didn’t let it get better’. Another netizen attacked the photographer and wrote, “All the fun is in Tathagata sir.”