Halloween : Many unknown things about Halloween

What is Halloween? Sroat Roy | Kolkata | Oct 31 2021 |

What is Halloween?
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Every year on October 31, Christians around the world celebrate this day in remembrance of their ancestors. In different parts of the world, Halloween is celebrated according to local culture. Where, when did the celebration of Halloween begin? Find out the history.

Halloween began as an ancient Celtic festival in Ireland, Scotland, England, and northern France. November 1 is the first day of the year according to the Celtic calendar. The ancient inhabitants of the region believed that the dead met the living on the night before November 1 (the night of October 31). On that day, the ghost world merges with everything in the world and becomes one. In the sixteenth century, the inhabitants of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales would go to the neighbors’ doors in ghostly costumes and ask for food in exchange for singing songs or poems.

In the eighth century, Pope George III (3) declared November 1 as the Day of the Saints and the Dead. November 1 is called All Saints’ Day. The day before that, evening was called ‘All Hello’s Eve’ which later became known as Halloween all over the world. Halloween has been celebrated in the United States since the nineteenth century after mass immigration.

According to historians, in the sixteenth century the inhabitants of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales used turnips to dispel unsatisfied souls. But turnip is not cultivated in the United States. But since the nineteenth century, Halloween has been widely celebrated in the United States. So after immigration, residents of Ireland and Scotland started using pumpkins instead of turnips on Halloween after moving to the United States.