New Covid Variant Identified in Israel

News Agency | Jerusalem, March 19, 2023 |

A new variant of Corona appeared in Israel. After three years, the epidemic is almost at an end. That’s what the experts think. The arrival of new variants shocked scientists. According to local media sources, a couple underwent RT-PCR tests after returning to Israel after a trip abroad. That’s when the infection is detected. Tests showed that the new variant of Covid is a mixture of BA.1 or Omicron and BA.2 (a sub-variant of Omicron).

Israel’s Ministry of Health reported that the patients had fever, headache, and body aches. But nothing too extreme. Complex treatment is also not required. It is suspected that the couple in their thirties got infected from their child. Israel’s Covid expert Salman Zarka said, mixing of two corona variants is a known phenomenon. This is what virus variants do when they come into contact with each other.

Last month, Israel’s health ministry lifted the mask-wearing rule in hospitals and health centers. This happened after that. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is aware of the ongoing genetic evolution of Omicron. They are keeping an eye on the matter. According to their website, they will continue to report on the current situation of the epidemic and the active variants. “This will allow for a better understanding of the global variant picture,” says the WHO.