Coronavirus disease is the result of a chinese conspiracy?

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The first infection was reported in Wuhan, the city of China, in December 2019. 16 million people infected in the next one and a half years. Thirty four lakhs lost their lives. America at the top of infection. Six million deaths in that country. A lot of terrible damage happened in Italy, Brazil, India-including multiple countries. Not only in the news, the source of the virus suspects China is on the top of the doubt. International observers Worldometer’s statistics say, China is behind the transmission list. Place 98!

China is the most populous country in the world. But in recognition, the number of infections so far is 90,920. Total death is 4,636. On the opposite side, 3 million 38 lakhs in America. 2 million 57 lakhs in India Brazil is one and a half million. 6 lakhs of death in America. 2 lakh 88 thousand in India 4 lakh 41 thousand in Brazil. How do you deal with ‘unknown fever Kabu’? Or are they kept secret from the rest of the world? There is no clear answer to all these questions. Rather, China’s claim, Sers-Cov-2 was first identified by them. There is no evidence of being the source of the virus.

China has started applying corona vaccine ignoring the international rules in the middle of last year. Still, their vaccine related research paper was not published in any international journal. The third step of the clinical trial was not complete. Later, Russia started the same thing. China claimed that 40 million doses have been given in the country. Which is more than the total amount of America, Britain, Germany. But this number is a little near to the 140 million population of China. Currently the speed of vaccination has increased in china. However, the newly scattered infections have been reported from China.