300 Million Indians Will Get Corona Vaccine By July

300 Million Indians Will Get Corona Vaccine By July

A few days ago, at an all-party meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that vaccination would start in the country soon. He also said that more importance would be given to the front row covid fighters in vaccination. He also asked the chief ministers to set up vaccination infrastructure at the block level in each state before the all-party meeting. A few days after Modi’s all-party move, the Union Health Ministry hopes that the covid vaccine will get government approval in the next few weeks. After that, the vaccination program will start in wartime activities.

According to the officials of the Ministry of Health, there are a total of 2.39 million auxiliary nurses midwives in the country. Out of this, 1 lakh 54 thousand people will be used for vaccination. The decision was made to ensure that there is no shortage of general health management and infrastructure for vaccination.

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The Prime Minister and other officials of the Ministry of Health have all said that the Covid vaccine will be given to 10 million people associated with the health sector first. After that, 20 million more people including civil servants, police and other officials will be vaccinated. The health ministry said on Tuesday that the number of cold storages in the country was enough to store the vaccines needed for the 30 million people.

Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij volunteered for the experimental application of Covaxin vaccine by Bharat Biotech. Even after that he was infected with corona. As a result, the effectiveness of the vaccine was questioned. Although India informed Biotech, its effectiveness started 14 days after the vaccination. Whatever the controversy, the health ministry is not taking any risks. Therefore, it has been informed that even after getting the vaccine, necessary precautions have to be taken.