If the second vaccine is given late, the antibody will increase by 300 percent

Several countries around the world, including India, have widened the time gap between the first vaccine and the second vaccine. However, many have blamed the decision on a lack of tickers. One such time came when a scientific study came out claiming that antibodies increase when the time interval between the first and second ticks increases. The study claims that the second vaccination will increase the body’s immune system late. The study found that if the second vaccine was taken late, the amount of antibodies would be 20% to 300% higher. The study was conducted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Yale University. The paper is still in the peer review phase.

In the case of Corona vaccine Covishield, the central government has recently extended the deadline for taking the second dose. Initially, the second dose was prescribed 28 days after the first dose. Later it was extended to 6-8 weeks. However, the new guidelines state that the second dose should be taken 12-16 weeks after the first dose.

“If I could, I would stop taking the second vaccine right now,” said Gregory Poland, a virologist and director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. We vaccinate everyone as much as we can. We will get the second vaccine later. ”When the Covid vaccine first came out in late 2020, there was no evidence of the effectiveness of keeping a gap between the two vaccines. After that, most countries vaccinated their most at-risk people. Had to wait for the second ticker though. But Britain was the first to widen the gap between the two vaccines. The move was initially criticized. But now it has been proven.