Srabanti Chatterjee: Srabanti Chatterjee posted a warm picture of herself lying in the bathtub

Sudarsan Roy | Kolkata | January 20, 2022, |

Srabanti Chatterjee: Srabanti Chatterjee posted a warm picture of herself lying in the bathtub | Srabanti Chatterjee hot , news | |
Srabanti Chatterjee | Image Source: Instagram | |

The debate with Srabanti Chatterjee seems to be moving in parallel. Sometimes she wanted to avoid controversy. Sometimes again she has kept that controversy alive. But Tollywood is buzzed all about her marriage, broken family, falling in love. Not only that, before the election in 2021, her closeness with the BJP and her candidature in the election also sparked controversy around her. After losing the election, the heroine became disillusioned within a few days. Ever since then, it has been heard that Srabanti (Srabanti Chatterjee) has increased her closeness in the ruling camp. However, the netizens were shocked to see that she had given such a picture this morning.

The actress posted pictures while lying in the bathtub. Srabanti Chatterjee is lying in the white foam around her. This picture of the actress has taken the hearts of her fans by storm. In the caption of the photo, the actress wrote, ‘Fresh Morning’. Everyone has seen this picture of the heroine in winter and someone has written, ‘Dad! take a bath so early in the morning, I feel cold seeing you’. Some people have made mischievous remarks, ” Move the foam a little.” However, the heroine did not go to reply to any of the comments.

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On Saturday, she shared a romantic video with Om on social media from the shooting floor. Srabanti Chatterjee is currently busy shooting for ‘Voy Peo Na’ with Om. Srabanti Chatterjee and Om will be seen in the roles of husband and wife in the film. Om will be seen on screen as Dr. Sushant. Srabanti will be seen in the role of his wife Tamsa. The story of this film will twist a lot after the marriage of Tamsa and Sushant.

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The wife’s relationship with actor Om’s mother Bahnishikha on screen is not good at all. Her mother-in-law got up to chase Tamsa. And a new mystery has been unveiled since its inception. The movie ‘Voy Peo Na’ is based on such a story. There are also several works in hand. Srabanti has the movie ‘Khelaghor’ in her hand. In this film, Srabonti will tie the knot with Dev again after many years. He has also just finished work on ‘Dhappa’ with Priyanka Sarkar. Sravanti’s ‘Kabebi Antardhan’ is awaiting release. In this film, Sravanti will be seen opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Srabanti Chatterjee | Image Source: Instagram | |

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