Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo: Michael Jackson was suffering from Vitiligo. Let’s know the details.

Chandranath Sinha | Kolkata | August 29, 2022 |

Michael Jackson's Vitiligo: Michael Jackson was suffering from Vitiligo. Let's know the details.
Michael Jackson's Vitiligo

Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo: June 25 is the death anniversary of the late American pop star Michael Jackson. Maybe this 25th of June will be considered as an important day all over the world in the near future. The day will be celebrated as World Vitiligo day. In this regard, the online signature program has been launched, so far, more than 480,000 signatures have been obtained out of 500,000 signatures. Steve Harragedon, himself a vitiligo patient, is working on this. And the reason for choosing June 25 is that Michael Jackson himself was a vitiligo patient. And this vitiligo was the secret of Michael Jackson’s transition from black to white Caucasian forest, not plastic surgery.

After Michael’s 1986 release of the song Billie Jean, vitiligo began to appear, and those who watched Michael’s music video may have noticed that he had a sock on his right hand, and wore the sock on only one hand. Because the skin on his right hand started to turn white first, and Jackson covered it in a fancy style, and it became a style that fans imitated. Then near the ears, then slowly white spots started falling on the face.

Michael used brown make-up to keep the skin color balanced at first, but later when the skin started to turn white in the extensive stage, he used white makeup color to cover the few places where the skin was dark.

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Although he kept his vitiligo a secret at first, he first revealed it in a live interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993. Winfrey’s question was – Everyone says you use skin bleaching agents to whiten the skin, but what is it? That’s when Michael revealed his skin pigmentation disorder.

After Michael’s death, the post mortem report also declared vitiligo. Michael said sadly – “I am the most misunderstood person in this world”. Racists said that Michael bleached his skin for popularity. But no one will deny it, his going to this white forest increased his fame. And Michael had ten plastic surgeries, six of them on his nose. He was forced to have a nose surgery due to a broken nose while doing dance practice, but because the surgery was not successful, he had trouble breathing, so he had to do it five more times, and along with this rhinoplasty surgery, he also reshaped the nose and slimmed it down to make it look like Europeans.

However, the treatment of this vitiligo is quite long, sometimes the treatment is not very useful, you have to take medicine applied to the skin and eat medicine and stand in the sun regularly. This vitiligo is not so harmful to health, but it is very disturbing mentally, it is a genetic disorder, anyone can have it, but if there is a family history, the probability increases. May people’s awareness about vitiligo increase, and may all vitiligo patients recover after receiving proper treatment.

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