Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson left so much wealth, earning billions even after his death

Asha Trivedi | Kolkata | August 29, 2022 |

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson left so much wealth, earning billions even after his death
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Net Worth: Michael Jackson, the famous and legendary artist in the world of music and dance, was born on this day i.e. August 29, 1958. A child born in the American province of Indiana later became known as the King of Pop. He loved music since childhood. After starting his career with his brother’s pop group, he achieved success that could not erase his name and identity even after leaving the world. Michael Jackson is no more in this world. Even though Michael Jackson died in 2009, Michael Jackson’s fan following hasn’t dwindled all these years after he left the world. Michael Jackson, who has become the biggest pop star in the world, has not only gained fame and the love of fans around the world, but also owns countless wealth. Michael Jackson had a wonderful life. Michael Jackson left a huge fortune. On Michael Jackson’s birthday, find out about the world’s biggest pop star’s house, cars, earnings and net worth.

Michael Jackson’s mansion

Michael Jackson bought the Neverland Ranch property, which he made his home, for about $20 million. After his marriage, Jackson lived with his wife in this house. However, later due to financial problems, Michael Jackson sold the house to Tom Barak.

Michael Jackson car collection

Pop star Michael Jackson loved trains. He had a collection of 14 expensive and luxurious cars. When he died in 2009, Michael Jackson owned four limousines, a Rolls Royce Silver Saraf, Rolls Royce Silver Spar II, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac Fleetwood, Neoplan Tour Bus, Ford Econoline Van, GAC High Sierra Fire Truck and a Harley Davidson bike.

Michael Jackson’s income

Before his death, Michael Jackson used to earn big money through shows. He used to earn crores of rupees through royalties for songs. There was a time when he used to earn $20 million in a week which is about Rs 97 crore. However, he continued to earn after Jackson’s death. According to the 2016-17 report, Michael Jackson earned more than Rs 529 crore. Even after his death, Michael Jackson topped the list in terms of income for many years.

Michael Jackson Net Worth
Talking about the net worth of this pop star, Michael Jackson’s net worth at the time of his death in 2009 was around $500 million. Michael Jackson’s net worth in Indian Rupees is said to be more than 4 thousand crore rupees. But the issue of debtors and disputed property was also connected with him. Even if these properties were separated, Michael Jackson would still be very rich and have a luxurious life.