E-commerce: How can e-commerce be in 2022?

Sanjib Sarkar | Kolkata | April 26, 2022 |

E-commerce: How can e-commerce be in 2022?

E-commerce in 2022: 2021 has been an exciting year for businesses around the world. In the last 12 months, supply chain companies have dominated e-commerce with the help of technology. New surprises may come in 2022.

Over the years, we’ve seen e-commerce trends unfold around the world. I have been researching with some data for a few days now, about what could be the 22nd e-commerce trend. Here I am sharing only 5 e-commerce trends

  1. Sustainable or bankrupt
    At the Climate Summit, we call on world leaders to ensure that consumers are increasingly dedicated to sustainable brands. Their message is clear: a dark future awaits businesses if they continue their unsustainable practices.

Especially true, the young audience is focusing on sustainability, which is already a trend in marketing. And sustainable branding will undoubtedly be one of the e-commerce trends of 2022.

  1. Second hand, reuse
    Businesses that focus exclusively on second-hand items have prospered over the past few years. Poshmark and Depop are two leading platforms that work with second-hand garments that have become sustainable. Some other companies are doing well in Bangladesh including sales.com. This could be one of the e-commerce trends in 2022.
  1. Cryptocurrency
    Although cryptocurrencies have always been presented as an alternative to banking and fiat currencies, many have not embraced them due to challenges such as instability and ease of use. But this time it seems that the tide is changing in the world.

However, it may take a few more days for cryptocurrency to be introduced in Bangladesh.

  1. The revolution in the delivery sector will continue
    Home delivery services are evolving rapidly. Since the onset of the epidemic, companies have been trying their best to deliver on the doorsteps of consumers quickly and conveniently, but consumer demand is still not being met.

So delivery companies will revolutionize this will be one of the e-commerce trends of 2022.

  1. D2C Direct Sales
    With the evolution of e-commerce, businesses may tend to sell more directly to consumers at home, thus avoiding a large number of resellers and intermediaries. This is known as D2C trade or “direct sales”.

The concept of “direct sales” has become very popular in the last five years. The monthly keyword volume quadrupled from 80 in November 2016 to 4.4 thousand in November 2021. So it can be said that in 2022, it could become one of the e-commerce trends.

We look forward to seeing what the e-commerce world is going to be like in 2022. Good luck to everyone.