Urfi Javed: Controversial Urfi Javed knows how to be discussed in the media

Riya Mukherjee | Kolkata | February 02, 2022 |

Urfi Javed: Controversial Urfi Javed knows how to be discussed in the media | urfi javed news | www.criticalmind24.com |
Urfi Javed | Image Source : Instagram

Controversial Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed), now everyone knows this Bollywood heroine! Why is she so popular? But has she acted in any Bollywood movie? No, not at all. Urfi has not been seen in Bollywood movies yet. She has been seen acting on the small screen. She is also popular for modeling. But for this reason, people do not know her! She is an actress who is controversial for her clothes!

Urfi Javed | Image Source: Instagram

Urfi Javed knows how to stay in the discussion in the media. Urfi took part in the famous TV show Big Boss. She could not win there. However, she has kept the identity of Big Boss alive. After returning from there, Urfi’s clothing style got changed. Every day she makes new clothes with her own intellect. She cut the old clothes and took them later. Ever get a little cluttered upstairs and go to the airport. Again, leaving almost nothing in the body, go to the shopping mall. And the paparazzi surrounded Urfi after seeing all these clothes. The tumultuous practice goes on with the distortion of Urfi’s dress. Is criticized. In fact, Urfi knows that negative publicity is also a form of propaganda.

Urfi Javed | Image Source: Instagram

Urfi Javed In Instagram: Urfi Javed is always uploading his picture on Instagram. Recently, a video of Urfi Javed is being practiced in Tinsel Town. Viralvayani shared the video on Instagram. What’s in that video? She is seen wearing a breast-cut bra cut short dress. That’s how he went to a shopping mall. But as soon as he got out of there, something happened. A man came running to take a selfie after seeing Urfi. He was chewing gutkha.

Urfi Javed | Image Source: Instagram

The man approached Urfi and suddenly touched the heroine. Then said stop. That person kept throwing gutkha from his mouth. Seeing that, Urfi backed away. The person left gutkha and started taking pictures again. The heroine laughed when she saw that. After that, the paparazzi started taking pictures of him. This video is in full swing now.