The Kashmir Files: Movie Review

The Kashmir Files: Movie Review
The Kashmir Files: Movie Poster

After a long debate, ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been released. After the release, the audience filled this movie with love. The film, starring Mithun Chakraborty and Anupam Kher, chronicles the brutal but real history of persecution of Kashmiri Hindus. But on the one hand, there is a storm going on in the audience with strong Kashmir files, on the other hand, there is Pindrop silence in Bollywood.

Except for Akshay Kumar and Kangana Ranaut, no one in Tinsel Town has opened his mouth or dared to open his mouth about the movie. However, this time around, Aamir Khan has given his opinion about the ‘Kashmir Files’ in the face of constant questions from netizens. However, his speech surprised everyone.

Aamir Khan met reporters on the actor’s birthday on Monday. There he was asked about the Kashmir files. Aamir clearly said that he has not seen the picture yet. However, he heard that the film was very successful. He also greeted the team.
Earlier, Kangana Ranaut had lashed out at Bollywood, praising the Kashmir Files as the ‘most important film of the year’. Sneering at the silence of the Bollywood industry, the actress said that the film proved that Corona is not only for big-budget films. Housefull is going to show at six in the morning!

“Bullydaud (Bollywood in Kangana’s language) and their spoon are suffering from depression,” Kangana said with a sharp sneer. The whole world is watching. Yet not a word comes out of their mouths. Their time is up! ‘

The Kashmir Files was released on March 11. Again after much debate. Just before the release, a stay order was also issued for the release of the film. However, the Kashmir files could not be intercepted. Then the magic! In just three days, the Kashmir Files has set a record by making a whopping Rs 31.6 crore worldwide.

On the first day of release, the film has grossed Rs 4.25 crore. On the second day, it was 10.10 crore and on the third day, the number increased to 16.25 crore. In some places, tickets for Kashmir Files have been sold out more than other movies.