Sonam Kapoor: Pregnant Sonam Kapoor is exercising while sitting at home

Sonam Kapoor: Pregnant Sonam Kapoor is exercising while sitting at home
Sonam Kapoor | Image Source: Instagram |

Sonam Kapoor Pregnancy: Actress Sonam Kapoor is enjoying her pregnancy nowadays. Pregnant moms are often seen sharing glimpses of her routine on Instagram. Sonam recently shared a video of the workout at home. At the same time, she further showed that she prefers mostly home-made food. This video shows her stretching at home. Let’s know the benefits of doing stretching exercises during pregnancy and which exercises should be done.

Let it be known that Sonam’s trainer shared a video on her Instagram. Which Sonam has re-posted on her Instagram story. In the caption of the video, she writes, ‘The most beautiful mother is Sonam Kapoor. Home stretch Sonam Kapoor … we understand. Going to repost the video, Sonam wrote,

Stretching during pregnancy is beneficial for both the mother and the unborn child. Stretching relaxes your muscles during pregnancy and makes your body flexible to bear the weight of the unborn baby.

There are many benefits to stretching

During pregnancy, the unborn baby receives calcium and essential nutrients from the mother’s body. It complains of bone pain or muscle tension in the pregnant woman. You can do stretching to overcome this problem. However, you should only do stretching after consulting a trainer or doctor.

Keep these things in mind when stretching

Stretching should not be done during pregnancy.
If you feel pain or fatigue, do stretching after a while or try the next day.
Avoid doing different types of stretching at the same time.
Do not hold the stretching position for more than a minute, return to normal after a few seconds.
Warm up before expanding.

Walking every day:
Walking during pregnancy has many benefits for the body. It is said that when a woman walks as much as possible during this time, it helps the baby to move to the lower part of the uterus. Walking is very helpful to facilitate normal delivery.