Sajeeb Wazed Joy: Unknown information about Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy and his sister’s daughter Tulip.

Souhardya Iqbal | Dhaka | June 19, 2022. |

Sajeeb Wazed Joy: Unknown information about Sheikh Hasina's son Sajeeb Wazed Joy and his sister's daughter Tulip.
Sajeeb Wazed Joy | Image Source: Wikipedia |

Sajeeb Wazed Joy lives in the US, so I went to find his business group ‘Wazed Consulting INC’ and found some of his older companies that have opened and closed at various times. I don’t know why, but it’s the United States, where businesses have the owner’s name and some more information on all government or state office websites. I can’t find the company’s work anywhere, a company’s website doesn’t exist in the 21st century, in America itself, it’s almost unbelievable. No, not what you think. There is no ‘maybe’ number two here, I ‘believe’ that Hasinaputra Joy, who has a master’s at Harvard, has to do something ‘number two’. I’m just curious to know about him, so I know.

Then I try to look at his personal life. I see his Facebook posts; What makes the posts of people who have studied in India, Texas and finally Harvard so simple. I see in her interview, that she has an American accent but was not born in America. There are features that his mother does not have. She is married to an American who was born a Christian or a Jew; It is clear from the way he spoke on ‘Let’s Talk’ in 2016 that this gentleman thinks like Americans and says as much as he can in the country. Mr. Joy did not go beyond his mother’s words and probably asked her to look at the IT sector to teach her some politics because Mr. Joy has an interest in undergraduate computer science and possibly tech business. A master’s degree in political science from Harvard doesn’t seem to have been used anywhere in the workplace.

Now let’s talk a little about the words of Sheikh Rehana (Sheikh Hasina’s younger sister) ‘s daughter Tulip Siddique who is the cousin of’ Joy Saheb ‘. There is not much mystery in this lady, she is a British MP and absolutely modern. Pronounced British, married a British citizen and believes in British values, undoubtedly progressive.

These dynamics of Sheikh Hasina’s family are very familiar. A family takes some familiar steps from generation to generation in our country. One generation has gained fame in the country, he is the father of the nation, the venerable Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib; Looking back to the seventies and eighties, it is clear that it was a normal occurrence for Sheikh Hasina to enter politics, and one of the deadliest memories for this family was 1985 when almost everyone in their family was killed; Even in 2005, Sheikh Hasina was attacked by grenades. Due to these incidents, the Sheikh Hasina family did not rely too much on Bangladesh for their future generations. Although Sheikh Hasina or Sheikh Rehana had so much influence in the country, they were very much aware of their children and the Sheikh Hasina family was truly progressive, secular and educated. Many people from secular families are reluctant to take someone of another religion into their family. The future generation of Sheikh Hasina did not lend itself to this; They have chosen people of different religions as their life partners.

I think the people of this family know and understand Bangladesh. They are well aware that if major changes are to be made, what could be the problem. A very secular family does not reject ‘state religion’ or say anything about corruption because many ordinary people or MPs are not caste at all and are corrupt. Sheikh Hasina does not want to take major steps or risks because she knows that there is dishonesty with her father in the blood of the people of this country; The Sheikh Hasina family does not want to go through any loss again.

Of course, Joy Saheb and even Tulip Siddiqui can lead Bangladesh. But will they really be able to adapt to the complex mentality of the people of Bangladesh? I don’t know. But they are watching everything from a distance. It would have been highly anticipated if people like Mr. Joy’s wife or Tulip Siddiqui had been working in the country’s women empowerment but as far as I understand they understand the mentality of the people of the country very well. They are not fools at all, they know and understand everything.

I am personally interested in the real estate and IT sector in Bangladesh; The business environment needs to be good governance or business-friendly. Bangladesh’s growth has stalled for a number of reasons – religious frenzy and the state has not yet been able to separate religion from state, the investment climate is very complex and far behind the modern world in many places (which is an equally good business opportunity) and the last factor is – Corruption and complex negativity between people. It was interesting to understand who is the future leader of the country.